The three big problems that affects the growth of youth contact sports Part 1

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The Caulicure Advanced Compression System is part of the Three Problems in contact Sport.  Currently, its more of a Big Problem as it affects the growth of participation in these sports and the benefits they offer our youth. 
What is the Big Problem?  It ends up as a trifecta of Skin Infections, Cauliflower Ear, and Unhealthy Weight Cutting.  
  • Skin Conditions:  This is probably the most deterring aspect when it comes to parents making decisions on whether or not their kid starts a wrestling program, a jiujitsu program or any other martial art where poor hygiene practices can put a big "ringworm" on any part of the body.  It's probably best to discuss this one at another time as its misunderstood but so simple to address.  
  • Dangerous Weight-cutting: Taking into consideration that most teams are looking for a healthy list of athletes in the required weight divisions, its no wonder that going up or down in weight becomes risky in so many ways. Cutting weight for wrestling often follows a cycle of strict fasting followed by several days of binge eating. More than 75% of youth wrestlers have practiced dehydration for weight loss as a competitive practice. It becomes clear that risks like a concussion and possible metabolic issues are possible. This isn't to say that efforts aren't being made to educate on how to cut weights safely, but it's like watching a tree grow. 
  • Cauliflower Ear:  This is the 3rd which we deal with by adding a level of prevention into the mix. Safe compression at the moment of injury to the ear can eliminate the risk altogether and bypass the endless draining, trips to the doctor, antibiotics and time off the mats. 
We are continuing to improve the options available to make this prevention as effortless as possible. Sooner than later, we will have the ability to treat the condition while keeping the athlete on the mats, in the ring or on the field. 
All three of these areas of concern are what challenge the growth in these types of sports but getting the message across has been more difficult than expected. 
The reasons for this will be addressed in 3 parts over the next few weeks. Addressed correctly, we will see healthier/stronger athletes winning more due to healthy weight cutting practices, significantly fewer skin issues and healthy ears that allow their dedication to be represented by their success and character period. 

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