CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System

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Caulicure Cauliflower ear treatment and prevention compression magnets
Caulicure Cauliflower ear treatment and prevention compression magnets CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System

"Cauliflower Ear", while a badge of honor for some, can be an embarrassing disfigurement for others. Fortunately CauliCure can help to restore your ears to their natural shape!
In 2015, CauliCure™introduced the First CauliCure™ Compression System. Since then, thousands of Grapplers, Wrestlers, Boxers and Rugby Players have used CauliCure™ to Manage, Treat and Prevent the painful and disfiguring effects of Cauliflower Ear.

Now in 2019 Caulicure™️ proudly introduces a 2nd Generation of the system in one easy and reusable product.

Caulicure™ RESTORE:

The system has been re-introduced with a few key changes providing an even better outcome in maintaining the shape of the ear. 

  • We now have a proprietary magnet manufactured specifically for improving the comfort and pull strength required to safely compress the ear tissues almost effortlessly. In addition, the medical grade silicone has been modified to be more durable and softer than ever before.
  • The compression band has been altered to fit more comfortably, while offering the same reliability in keeping the discs in place while you sleep.
  • Lastly, the small disc has been modified to be slightly larger in diameter, lower profile, while allowing a more stable fit during daytime and nighttime use.

Caulicure™ ACTIVE:

The Caulicure ACTIVE compression discs were designed to allow continued compression while training, competing, or practicing on the mats or on the field.

Creating a system to allow for uninterrupted compression from the very onset of ear damage to complete resolution, is the single most important requirement for any grappler, wrestler or rugby player.

The Caulicure ACTIVE discs are low profile, strong, very durable, and are designed to be worn under the provided headgear.

The Caulicure™ ACTIVE discs REQUIRE headgear to work effectively.  Use your own or add one to your cart with any kit for only $10 

What’s in the box?

  • RESTORE - 4 compression discs including 1 Large, 2 medium and 1 small. These can be applied before or after the ear fills with fluid and are designed to be worn all day and night.
  • ACTIVE - 4 compression discs including 2 large and 2 small. These are to be applied during training, competition or practice only. You must use these discs under headgear at all times. Remove these discs after activity is over, and apply the RESTORE compression discs immediately.
  • One compression band to secure the discs while sleeping.
  • Antibiotic ointment and alcohol pads
  • Optional Cliff Keen Headgear ($15 off regular price)

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Customer Reviews

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Another Set

We had an original set and had even replaced some of the magnets. I kept lending them out and did not have them on hand when needed. We feel that they are important enough that I purchased another set and WILL NOT be lending them out. #Caulicureisvital

Get it before you need it!

Shipped and Delivered quick. The CauliCure are comfortable, able to wear all day. Definitely a must have. Wish I would have had it before I actually needed it. Would have saved me a few extra pokes from having to drain it.

Worked for me

I got cauliflower ear on both my ears in different locations from doing bjj. After draining both ears several times and being told repeatedly to keep pressure on it with no feasible method while I work my construction job. I found caulicure on you tube. Drained my ears one last time, applied the magnets and after a week day and night they were back to normal. I did train with head gear and will continue. Honestly, the process is not pain free and is quite uncomfortable as the magnets are strong. It definitely beats have torn up looking ears or giving up bjj!

Good Strengths and options

So I have been training Jiu Jitsu a long time and this is the first time I have gotten a case of Cauliflower ear. Needless to say I wasn't happy. I am in a professional environment so I don't wear them all the time but they are still doing the job. Here is what my routine has been.
1) Clean ear then Drain ear using a diabetic syringes (Amazon has them)
2) Verify liquid is released
3) Put on active Green Magnets for a hour or so
4) Switch to one black and one green on the back.
5) Wear for a few hours...remove and go about my day. Sometimes I will wear a beanie to hide it.

Things I like and things I hate.
--Multiple strength of magnets, IE green and black
- Tested magnets - IE if you where to buy them yourself what is the correct pressure, etc
- Rubber coating
- Nice case
- Easy option
- Reusable

- Thickness of the magnets can be annoying as it pushes your ear away from your head. Kinda looks funny (Hence a Beanie is a good option)
- Rubber-coating makes the magnets bigger.
- Price :-(
- Included headband is not discrete. Please don't plaster Curlicue on the headband :-(

So in summary it is a good option for someone who needs to keep their ear from swelling. Get a 100 pack of diabetic needles and syringes from amazon. Drain as needed, use a beanie if you don't want to look silly. Don't expect that you will be able to hide it the whole time. I like mixing the green ones with the black ones for comfort. It was nice not to have to mess around trying to make my own or fooling around with different magnets. The included case is great and keeps everything together. The price is acceptable as it is reusable. I would buy the system again. Things I would like to see. Smaller magnet which looks like they are coming out with a medium size option. Discrete headband...Sorry don't want to be a walking billboard or draw attention to myself. The system is comfortable and easy enough to use.

Ear is back to perfect!

After getting drained several times, doing the stitched-in bolster, and a couple home remedy fails, I finally gave CauliCure a try. 24-7 with the "Restores." I took four days off training, then got back to the BJJ mats with the "actives" and the cliff keen headgear. After about 10 - 12 days my ear was back to normal. There is almost no residual damage.

There is a bit of pain involved as there is constant pressure on the affected area. My recommendations: keep the area clean with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, use an antibiotic ointment liberally, and for sleeping I wrapped an elastic bandage (loose rather than tight) around my head as to keep the magnets in place throughout the night. Good luck!

One more thing; great customer service. Dr. Ales is really helpful.