Cauliflower ear

Over the counter magnets for Cauliflower Ear. Too good to be true and dangerous too!

We wanted to address the issue of a low cost, very powerful and dangerous option tried by many athletes trying to mitigate the incessant re-filling of damaged ear tissue in contact sport.

The risk is in the low-cost neodymium magnet that many choose to throw on their ears in an effort to save money and solve the endless draining associated with the auricular hematoma. This condition is the precursor to permanent ear damage or cauliflower ear.

The Problem:

Finding the right amount of compression to successfully treat a damaged ear is no easy task. We have spent countless hours, tested many magnet discs, and researched safe materials to come up with a product that will provide compression over a period of four to ten days without damaging the fragile ear tissue of our youth and adults alike.

We get countless comments about how shortcuts have been tried in using the "Home Depot option" to solve this problem. We inquire about the outcomes and although a few claim success, most end up taking them off after a couple hours and work themselves into the following cycle:

  1. Drain the ear, apply the magnets and wait. Two or so hours later, severe pain with immediate removal of said magnets.
  2. The second attempt starts by wrapping them in gauze to create a cushion to deal with the pain, with provides a 24 option until the pain returns, or a build-up of fluid is noted around the perimeter of the location of the magnets.
  3. Drain the ear again and add more gauze to soften the compression until the ear is so irritated, the individual gives up or creates a permanent divot in the ear tissue.

There are so many horror stories, and so few successes followed up by pictures to show it.

Ear Damage from not using Caulicure  

Risks with this option are plenty and it becomes evident in the game that keeping these on for the required duration is impossible with the exception of heavy amounts of material to decrease the pull force of the magnets, and create a pressure that is dispersed over a wider surface area to allow the ear to heal over days.

In addition, most who are trying to save money and make this work aren’t short on good intentions. I made this attempt back in 2012 without success, due to the time required for healing.

The final red flag on this option is that most who want to keep the integrity of their ears will find the above-mentioned option comes with the risk of infection, permanent damage to the ear, and frustration when it just never seems to resolve the way thought it would.

We take pride in choosing our academies, schools, coaches and even our brand of Gi’s, singlets and rash guards.

Take the time to understand the condition, and give the Caulicure option a shot. We think you will be surprised at the results, and you will have a high quality-re-usable product for the entirety of your contact sport career.




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