Frequently Asked Questions

I think I’m developing cauliflower ear, what should I do?

If you already have the Caulicure system, apply to the injured area immediately. This will allow the skin to re-adhere to the cartilage, allowing blood to be directed back into the cartilage. Icing can be effective in reducing inflammation. Remember, if your ear fills with fluid it must be drained prior to using the Caulicure system.

How do I use CauliCure?

The system is designed to apply safe compression to an injured ear prior to or after the development of an auricular hematoma ( blood filled space between the skin of the ear and the cartilage beneath). Ideally, you want to apply before the ear fills with fluid to eliminate the need for draining or medical intervention.  If the ear does fill with fluid, it will need to be drained completely by a medical professional before applying the magnetic discs. The compression may need to be maintained for up to 7 days depending on the severity of the injury.  Always inspect the ear in the AM and PM, to ensure there isn’t re-filling, infection or any other signs that may need medical intervention. Use the provided compression band to hold the magnetic discs in place while you sleep. 

Should I drain my ear before using CauliCure?

The Caulicure system is not intended to be used for compression until the ear has been completely drained and free of fluid.

How do I clean Caulicure?

The magnetic compression discs are hermetically sealed and made of a durable silicone. The should be cleaned with no less than a 70% isopropyl alcohol before applying and re-applying.

I've lost one of my Caulicure discs? Can I purchase replacements?
Yes you can. Please send us an email Here and we'll help you out with purchasing replacements.

Can I purchase a replacement headband as well?

Yes of course, replacement headbands are available here.

Does using CauliCure hurt?

Using the system can provoke some mild pain when in use. Moderate to severe pain is usually due to improper hygiene, causing an infection or failing to remove all of the existing fluid prior to use.

Is Caulicure ok to use on kids?

Caulicure is perfect for addressing the needs of our youth. In fact, in its development we tailored the sizes to fit any ear from youth to adult.  

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as we as Paypal.

How much is shipping?

In the US:

Shipping for one complete kit starts at $0. Expedited shipping and quantity of items will add the the cost of shipping.

USPS Priority Mail: Starts at $0

Fed Ex 2 Day: Starts at $35

Fed Ex Overnight: Starts at $50

Outside the US: Because shipping rates can vary based on location and items ordered, we recommend adding the items you wish to order to your shopping cart and entering your customer information to get an accurate shipping price.
Please note that the cost of shipping does not include any duties or taxes that may be incurred by your local government.

How long will it take to get my order?

In the US:

Standard shipping varies between 2-5 business days on average. Fed Ex 2 Day and 1 Day shipping are also available at an extra charge.

Outside the US:

On average, shipping time is 7-10 days but could be longer. DHL shipping is available to some locations and we've seen shipping time as short as 3 business days. Because there are so many variables involved in shipping internationally (Weather, Duties/Taxes, etc..) we do not guarantee shipping times for orders outside the US. For fastest delivery, we suggest choosing DHL shipping a checkout.

What is your Return Policy?

You can find our detailed return policy here.

I have a large team and would like to buy several units, do you offer a wholesale program?

If you are interested in buying more than 10 units at a time, we can offer a discount for teams, clubs and academies. We will also provide an invoice for tax exemption options if applicable. Send us an email at for more info or contact us here.

I live in Orange County, can I pick up my order to save on shipping? 

We are located in Seal Beach, CA.  We do offer our local community to pick up the system at our physical location. Please call to check availability and times.

1500 Pacific Coast Highway Suite A
Seal Beach, CA 90740                                                    
Phone: 562-714-3634

Can I use CauliCure on my dog? 

As much as we love animals, Caulicure is not intended for use on animals.