Getting The Ear Drained: Who-When-Where?

Cauliflower ear that needs to be drained

Serious Cauliflower Ear that needs to be drained

It’s interesting to talk to anyone who has had an injury to the ear with it ultimately swelling up with blood. They jump in the car and head to their local Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Primary Care Physician.   

They want to share their experience as to how it went.  Many times the entertainment factor is high regarding the drama of the experience, and the outcome is usually painful, disappointing and expensive. 

In its simplest sense, the damage to the ear separates the skin from the cartilage below. This is essentially a blood blister that forms between the two structures. The difference? This injury is very painful, always wants to re-fill and without adequate compression will deform the ear tissue, converting pliable elastic cartilage to rigid fibrocartilage if left untreated. Compression is key.

To be honest, most medical doctors don’t know how to address this issue from the start but are fully capable of safely inserting a needle into the blood filled area to remove it.

But wait.... There’s a catch

Some specialists that treat the ear have created a racket in telling MD’s to NOT drain ears because it’s too much of an infection risk. “Really”?

Scenario:  Athlete heads to their doctor to get their ear drained. The doctor says “I can’t take care of that because it’s to risky”.  So..... he/she refers the patient to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat).

Problem:  Getting a referral to an ENT usually means you will see that specialist the following week or even longer.  I can’t tell you how many customers have gone down this road only to find out their ear has hardened by the time they arrive for their appointment.

Now What....

The ENT now has an ear which needs cosmetic intervention costing hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars.  This is great for the specialist, and a disaster for the patient.

Education is everything when it comes to the initial injury (auricular hematoma), Cauliflower Ear and I urge you to check Caulicure to better understand how simple it is to mitigate the BS.


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