Caulicure Featured Athlete - Matheus Felipe Tadanado

Caulicure Featured Athlete - Matheus Felipe Tadanado

Matheus Felipe Tadanado for Using Caulicure.

Matheus uses Caulicure to keep his ears healthy and Cauliflower Free!

Name: Matheus Felipe Tadanado da Silva

Division: Ultra Heavyweight

Rank: Black Belt

Team: Checkmat

Matheus Felipe Tadanado

This week we feature Team Cheackmat's up and coming star. Matheus Tadanado. Matheus has competed worldwide as a brown belt and taken gold in events like the Abu Dhabi World Grand Slam in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Abu Dhabi. He's also been on the top of the podium in other global events in the Netherlands, the UK, Asia, Switzerland and the US.

As a Brown Belt he was ranked number one in the UAEJJF and the Ultra Heavyweight IBJFF World Championship in 2017.

Matheus was recently promoted to Black Belt by the prolific and legendary leader of Checkmat, Leo Vieria, he's ready for a whole new set of challenges.

Matheus Felip Tadanado with Check Mat Leo Vieira

Matheus relies on Caulicure to prevent Cauliflower Ear to keep him on the mat as he pursues the ultimate prize in BJJ, a Black Belt World Championship.

Follow Matheus on IG @MatheusTadanado and on Facebook at


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