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Fantastic product and service
May 6, 2017

Outstanding quality product and customer service!!! i called for assistance and they were very willing and able to help answer all of my questions about the product. i have been using it as instructed and i can't even tell that i have it on. my ear was drained at a facial surgeon and was filled with a vasoline soaked bandage with my head had to be wrapped for compression, looked as bad as it felt. then the next day my caulicure arrived and i could removed the bandages and clean the area really well and apply it. so much better! this product really works well and is worth every penny. my advice is have it ready to go immediately at the time your ear is drained, because having your head wrapped up like a mummy isn't fun. if your in to bjj or wresting and hate the cauliflour coming back after it's been drained then this product is for you! train hard and train safe! see you on the mat!

I loved this product
August 3, 2016

I loved this product. follow the directions and prep properly and the magnets will work. i already have a mild case of cauliflower ears before from high school wrestling but a new case of it came up from training bjj. got it drained and applied the magnets as per the directions. my job however didn't allow me to wear them 24/7. still worked as advertised.

Works very well (you may have to improvise)
August 8, 2016

This system is much better than clothes pins or binder clips or other odd methods of applying pressure. the pressure is sufficient to deal with the swelling, but not so much that you are damaging/hurting the ear. depending on where the fluid is building up on your ears you may have to improvise. in my situation the fluid was on the portion of ear that leads down into the ear canal. it was swelling to the point that the ear hole was completely covered up. i was draining 2-3ml out of each ear every other day until i used caulicure.
Make sure to drain every last pocket of fluid out then immediately apply the right combination of magnets. due to the location of my swelling the magnets alone were not enough to prevent fluid from re-accumulating. for me the adaptation was to place some gauze material inside the ear first then place the magnets over the gauze. this ensured that the skin remained flat against the cartilage. after 4 days no more fluid.
Ear guards are now mandatory for me as i do not want to repeat that process!

This worked great! the varying sizes were awesome
June 16, 2017

My ear isn't as deformed as it could have been. this worked great! the varying sizes were awesome.

It worked great. i drained it and used the...
August 20, 2016

I recently purchased caulicure when i injured my ear in jiujitsu class. i got into grappling later in life and cauliflower ear is not what i wanted at this point. so when i screwed up my ear and had a hematoma, i started to look for something to do about it. i found the caulicure system and bought it. it worked great! i had it drained and then used the product and now i am good to go. had to lay off grappling for a few days to heal, but it was worth it to keep my ears normal.

It can look stupid, but most people think you're gauging your ear
October 17, 2016

This stuff works!!!!!!!! i train jiu-jitsu a lot and i have stopped wearing headgear because of this product. i had a huge hematoma in the inside tip of my ear that i had to drain about 7 times in a span of 3 weeks. it just kept filling back up a day or two after i would drain it. that prompted me to order this product. basically they are magnets with a soft skin surrounding. they come in different gauges and you have to wear it for a week after you drain your ear. you do have to wear it for a week straight! it can look stupid but most people think your gauging your ear. in fact, some random girl told me i was brave to get a gauge on the top of my ear lol. it can hurt!!!!! compressing just hurts plain and simple. however, it is totally worth it. maybe if i had this product after the 1st time i drained my ear it may not have hurt so much. as far as the after effect, i have a bit of cauliflower ear. no one can notice though, its just a millimeter size that calcified and hardened. but like i said, maybe if i had this product from the get go instead of having to deal with cauliflower ear for 3 weeks and constant draining my results would have been different.
Sorry for the long review but there really weren't any when i bought this. i hope this helps anyone who may be worried about developing cauliflower ear. and to anyone who has been made fun of for wearing headgear.