The Caulicure Pilot Program

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Caulicure


Objective: Increase the number of our youth participating in amateur wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, rugby and contact sports nationwide. This objective would be accomplished by adopting a program leveraging the Caulicure Advanced Compression System, to prevent the condition Cauliflower Ear.

Target Market:

Boys and Girls youth programs at the junior high, high school and club levels. The focus of this effort would be supported and recognized to provide each athlete their own Caulicure kit to be used at the time of injury, rather than deep into the condition’s lifecycle. Currently, athletes are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dealing with ear damage, and this shouldn't be a time consuming and costly endeavor. The goal is to keep the athletes in the game, focused and training for competition. Preventing ear damage, the auricular hematoma and cauliflower ear will provide an opportunity to get more kids involved in some of the best sports for learning discipline, hard work, self reliance and respect.

Girls Rugby Contact Sports Caulicure

Goal #1

Provide each athlete with their own kit, and put the prevention of current ear issues in their hands (literally). This requires coaches to fully understand the program, and in turn, see the athlete spending more time on the mats or on the field.

Goal #2

The most important aspect of this effort will be the involvement of parents. It is with these gatekeepers that decisions are made. Having parents involved in their kid’s athletics is required, but having them educated is golden. Open communication between coach, parent and athlete is essential.

Goal #3

With the support of Caulicure and the local community, we find a qualified medical professional that can handle cases requiring draining the ear, and provide a reasonable cost for doing so. If the case presents as a requirement for referral, a trusted ENT will be leveraged.

Goal #4

As this effort unfolds, we will see that honest communication is an absolute. Therefore, the chosen doctor will be introduced to the coaches, the team and the parents, with open doors of communication to schedule appointments in a reasonable time frame. The team medical professional will provide (if addressed by the athlete and parent in a timely manner) simple aspiration and use of the athlete’s own personal compression to apply at the time of draining. This will keep costs down, encouraging more of our youth to participate in the sport.

We believe adopting this program and implementing it in small scale, will be a requirement for success. A program with a healthy minded coach, passionate athletes, interested and caring parents, and a confident medical professional can be the model to grow this sport faster into the future.


1. Significant decrease in concerned parents keeping their kids from participating 

2. Increased time spent practicing and honing skills to win competitions.

3. Cost effective back up for ear damage that can’t be managed by the athlete.

4. Healthy communication to take care of any escalated issues quickly and efficiently

5. Most Important: Consistent increases in participation to grow the numbers in contact sport.

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