CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System, Complete

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Caulicure Advanced Compression Kit and Caulicure Headgear
Caulicure Advanced Compression Kit and Caulicure Headgear CauliCure Advanced Compression System CauliCure Advanced Compression System Open CauliCure Brand Official Headgear

Now includes CauliCure Brand Wrestling Headgear!

"Cauliflower Ear", while a badge of honor for some, can be an embarrassing disfigurement for others. Fortunately CauliCure can help to restore your ears to their natural shape!

Caulicure™ RESTORE:

The system has been re-introduced with a few key changes providing an even better outcome in maintaining the shape of the ear. 

  • We now have a proprietary magnet manufactured specifically for improving the comfort and pull strength required to safely compress the ear tissues almost effortlessly. In addition, the medical grade silicone has been modified to be more durable and softer than ever before.
  • The provided headgear specifically designed to be used with the Active compression discs during training and at night.
  • Lastly, the small disc has been modified to be slightly larger in diameter, lower profile, while allowing a more stable fit during daytime and nighttime use.

Caulicure™ ACTIVE:

The Caulicure™ ACTIVE compression discs were designed to allow continued compression while training, competing, or practicing on the mats or on the field.

Creating a system to allow for uninterrupted compression from the very onset of ear damage to complete resolution, is the single most important requirement for any grappler, wrestler or rugby player.

The Caulicure™ ACTIVE discs are low profile, strong, very durable, and are designed to be worn under the provided headgear.

The Caulicure™ ACTIVE discs REQUIRE headgear to work effectively.  What’s in the box?

  • RESTORE - 4 compression discs including 1 Large, 2 medium and 1 small. These can be applied before or after the ear fills with fluid and are designed to be worn all day and night.
  • ACTIVE - 4 compression discs including 2 large and 2 small. These are to be applied during training, competition or practice only. You must use these discs under headgear at all times. Remove these discs after activity is over, and apply the RESTORE compression discs immediately.
  • CauliCure Wrestling Headgear Can be used during training and at night
  • Antibiotic ointment and alcohol pads
  • Optional Cliff Keen Headgear ($15 off regular price)

Customer Reviews

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Alysha King
Convenient and effective!

They are super easy to wear and did a great job on his ear. He had to take it off occasionally, and couldn’t sleep with them because he removed them or they came off in his sleep, but it worked. Great customer service.

Kylee French

Even the custom service was amazing! the products have already started working and everything :) i do bjj and so does my brother