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What is Caulicure™ ?

No one likes dealing with the trauma and drama surrounding Cauliflower Ear.  So we created a simple solution to prevent it, which allows you to stay in the game worry free. 

How Does it work

The Hematoma

The most common cause of cauliflower ear is a hit, or repeated hits to the ear -- that lead to the hematoma (small collections of blood that clot and block the flow of additional blood and nutrients). These can also occur when skin is pulled away from cartilage, the semi-rigid tissue that gives the ear its shape.


The goals of treatment is to prevent permanent damage to the cartilage by catching it before it has a chance to fill, or draining blood from the hematoma, and quickly providing needed compression.  Safe compression is necessary, in order to re-establish the connection of the skin to the underlying cartilage. This is where the Caulicure™ system comes in.

Medical Grade Compression

The CauliCure™ Advanced Compression Kit is made up of proprietary magnets hermetically sealed in Medical Grade Silicone. The system prevents the ear damage from becoming permanent (aka Cauliflower Ear.) With the Caulicure™ system you'll recover faster with less pain, zero stiches, fewer Dr. Visits, zero oral antibiotics, so you can be back to training Worry Free...

James S. says "This Works!"

This works! I got my first bout with cauliflower ear a few weeks ago, and after draining and draining with it continuously coming back. Thought I was gonna have that bubble on my ear forever. Saw Caulicure on an add and decided to try it. One of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s super easy to use and it works! Bye cauliflower ear. Thanks Caulicure

YOTPO Verified Reviewer 07/02/2019

Almost Everything You Need In One Kit !

The CauliCure™ Advanced Compression Kit comes with 

4 ACTIVE medical grade sealed discs

4 RESTORE medical grade sealed discs

A custom headband to aid during compression

Alcohol Swabs

First Aid Antibiotic

Preparation and Application pamphlet 

A custom Travel Case to hold kit contents

Oscar C. says "Love it!"

Prevent cauliflower earI bought mine over a year ago. Love it!!! Easy carrying case that i can put in my Datsusara Jui Jitsu bag and carry with me. If my ear starts to flare up i can immediately drain my ear either at home or office and put the magnets right on, until next training day.

YOTPO Verified Reviewer 05/13/2018

Our CauliCure™ kit is 100% Re-usable and proven to help prevent and treat Cauliflower Ear

Our CauliCure™ kit is a two part system with an ACTIVE and RESTORE component in each kit.

Jack M's say "Easy & Effective"

This product is extremely easy to use and is very effective. Cauliflower ear is a nuance and can be painful. The different sizes and shape of the rubber makes the compression process easy and allows the ear to heal more quickly. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

YOTPO Verified Review 04/20/2019

Still Have Questions?

It is perfectly normal to have questions about Cauliflower Ear prevention and treatment, using the Caulicure™ Advanced Compression System.

Our friendly staff are ready to answer any questions you might have.  We are here to provide all of the information that you need, as well as an opportunity to ask questions about using our safe, effective and patented kit to treat and prevent Cauliflower ear.

There’s no pressure to sell you on the system,  just answers to the questions you need in determining if the Caulicure™ System is right for you.

As our potential customer, we want to make sure you see the same value we do.  We are here to help in every way possible.

You’ll find more answers on our Frequently Ask Question page or feel free to us our Contact Us page or call us at 1-562-380-0404

Grab your CauliCure™ kit NOW

CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System
CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System

The CauliCure™ Advanced Compression Kit eliminates the risk of developing Cauliflower Ear with one easy and reusable system.

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