Why Caulicure?

Preventing Cauliflower Ear with Caulicure™

What is "The Caulicure™ Advanced Compression System, and how can it help you minimize the amount of effort and money you put into to dealing with ear damage?

The kit contains 8 compression discs in various sizes to fit almost every spot on the human ear. The system is simple, effective, and works in 3 ways to provide prevention and protection from developing rigid or deformed ear tissue.

The system has two components.  A RESTORE component and an ACTIVE component.  The RESTORE discs allow for 24/7 compression off the mats, and the ACTIVE discs allow for continued compression while on the mats.  

1. As a preventative, the system provides compression to damaged ear tissue "before" it has a chance to fill with blood/fluid. 

2. In addition, it works to keep the damaged area from refilling. This eliminates endless draining and provides better results for returning the ear to its original state. 

3. The system is reusable for as many applications as is needed. 

Comparing the Caulicure™ system to headgear.

Headgear provides some moderate protection, but has its drawbacks. You can still acquire ear damage while wearing headgear, and at least 60% of wrestlers don’t use headgear during practice.

Note: We have to remember that some portion of that 60% actually embrace the idea of acquiring the ear damage, and that’s O.K. 

Having the Caulicure™ system in your bag allows you to keep your ear from filling up in the first place. With the system on hand, you would apply the discs to the injured area immediately after the damage has occurred. 

While it isn't a given that the injured area will fill up with fluid, having the compression discs on hand allows for immediate adherence of the perichondrium to the cartilage. Having compression at the site this early can mitigate the risk of fluid accumulation all together. 

When dealing with ear damage from contact sports, athletes have a wide variety of treatment options to choose from. However, these options can be very risky, and very costly. 

Some important facts about the auricular hematoma (or “Cauliflower Ear”), and challenges you face in keeping your ears healthy and happy:

• It can take 5 to 10 days for a fluid filled ear to harden.

• It takes up to 8 weeks for the perichondrium to permanently attach to the cartilage surface.

• Within the first couple of days, draining of the ear should be a simple and inexpensive medical procedure. The longer the fluid remains in your ear, the thicker it becomes and the more difficult it is to remove.

The following are available options for compression after draining an Auricular Hematoma:

Gauze and Wrap

The compression provided is very poor, and compliance in keeping the head wrapped 24/7 for up to 14 days is almost impossible without seeing permanent ear damage and re-filling during this process.

Dental Caulking

This option requires the assistance of someone versed in the application of a caulking material via a dental gun. It can provide adequate compression, but is costly and not re-usable.

Splint (Thermoplastic)

This is a serious medical procedure requiring an injectable anesthetic, expensive thermoplastic materials, oral antibiotics, sutures and a high risk of infection.

Caulicure™ Compression System

Caulicure differs from the prior treatment options in the following ways, and 

provides an opportunity for our youth to safely enter the sport of wresting without the risk of permanent ear damage.

Unlike gauze, the compression is superior to the simple wrap. It provides an equal and consistent distribution of pressure to the injured area. The discs can be applied and removed in seconds to allow for daily inspection.

Unlike a wrap, the system is easier to use over the course of the injury. Gauze must be changed and replaced twice a day, while the Caulicure system is a one time purchase and re-usable.

When comparing the Caulicure™ system to dental caulking, it’s important to understand the requirement of a costly combination of specific and expensive materials/equipment. In addition, you can’t apply it on your own. The Caulicure™ system is far less expensive and always re-usable.

Lastly, by using the Caulicure™ system instead of a thermoplastic splint, we can eliminate the following: expensive medical visits to a specialist, local anesthetics, sutures, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics and a high risk of infection.

We at Caulicure™ feel it should be your choice as a parent or athlete to support and/or compete in a sport such as wrestling without the uncertainty of damaging your ears, period. The choice is yours! Investigate your options and train smart.