Caulicure announces their newest product at the Budapest World Championships - The Caulicure™️ Combat

Caulicure announces their newest product at the Budapest World Championships - The Caulicure™️ Combat

Masters wrestling world championships 2018 Budapest

Under United World Wrestling, the international governing body for the sport of wrestling, Budapest is hosting the 2018 Senior World Championships. 

With competition just a few days a way, expect to see the best of the best in both Freestyle and Greco Roman. Here is a link to the schedule of events, allowing you to schedule accordingly.

Top Seeds including Kyle Dake, Thomas Gilman, David Taylor, Sarah Hildebrant, Adeline Gray and Tamyrah Mensah.

Caulicure is proud to be part of the event this year, bringing the complete Caulicure system to the aid of these top athletes. Dr. Jason Holm will be part of the medical team during the event, and will utilize both the Caulicure™️ and Caulicure Combat™️ products.

Both products comprise a solution to allow those in contact sport, to continue their training or competition, “uninterrupted“ after ear damage has occurred.

With more on the Caulicure Advanced Compression System below, a quick note on just what the Combat™️ product is all about.

This fall we are rolling out a solution to allow those in contact sport, to continue their training or competition, “uninterrupted“.

That solution is our second product which is low profile, painless, stronger in its magnetic pull strength, very compressive and will require headgear for training & competition requirements during the healing process.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The Combat™️ option is to be used while on the mats, or in the case of Rugby, on the field only. The discs are highly compressive, durable and safe for the duration of training or competition.

The product will be an option during the Senior World Championships this year, and is on its way to influence as a “game changer” in the protection and prevention of the auricular hematoma and ultimately cauliflower ear.

Caulicure Advanced Compression system open case

The Caulicure™ Advanced Compression System is not only Simple and Effective, but it works in 3 ways to provide long term protection from developing Thick, Rigid or Deformed ear tissue.

  • The system allows for the prevention of Cauliflower Ear, by providing compression to damaged ear tissue "before" it has a chance to fill with blood/fluid.  
  • In addition, it works to keep the damaged area from refilling, if the ear has an existing hematoma that must be drained.  This eliminates endless draining and great outcomes for returning the ear to it's original state.
  • The system is reusable for as many applications as is needed, as long as the components are taken care of and stored properly.

This is what sets the system apart from other painful and costly options, while decreasing the risk of infection and time away from training and/or competition.

Caulicure Combat Case open Army Green

With the Caulicure Combat™️ product  we have leveraged the Cliff Keen EF66 Fusion Headgear, to be worn on the mats and over the combat compression discs.

We are super excited to offer this model, as it fits the requirements for the product to secure the Combat™️ system while the wrestler is on the mats. In addition, it allows for the Jiu Jitsu/Grappler to use this top of the line model on the mats as well.

Keep following us here and on our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more information about this groundbreaking product.

Caulicure Combat kit with Cliff Keen EF66 headgear

The Caulicure Combat will be available at the end of October, 2018.


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