Cauliflower Ear Treatment

Treatment of Auricular Hematoma (Cauliflower Ear)

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Immediate treatment involves icing the injured area to reduce pain and decrease swelling.  Any accumulation of fluid in the area of injury will require aspiration by a qualified medical practitioner.  Before the CauliCure appliance can be used effectivity, the ear must be clear of any fluid accumulation to avoid pain, pressure and permanent cartilage damage.

The CauliCure compression appliance and the injured area must be cleaned with alcohol prior to positioning of the magnetic compression discs.  Choose the size which fits best for the anatomy of the ear tissue being treated.  Place the first magnetic disc on the posterior or back of the ear, and the second on the anterior or front of the ear.  


Keep the appliance and area of injury clean at all times.  If you touch the magnetic discs or ear tissue, clean immediately and re-apply.

The appliance must be worn at all times, and can take from 3 to 7 days for proper adherence of the skin to fibrocartilage.  If a build up of fluid is present, it must be aspirated prior to the continued use of the CauliCure system.

During daytime use, it is best to apply a moderate amount the topical antibiotic ointment to the front and back of the injured area.  During the day, move the magnetic discs on the ear back and forth on the ear every 1 to 2 hours to avoid irritation of the ear tissue.  The movement should be no more than a 1/4 inch, and only if it's possible to do so.  

During use while sleeping, use a very minimal amount of the topical, which will allow the magnetic discs to stay in place. 

During sport or sleep, it's a requirement to use the provided compression band to hold the magnetic discs in place.  Failure to do so will result in a poor outcome and the potential for additional hematoma symptoms.  Headband must be clean before use.

If there is any sign of infection, seek medical attention immediately.


The CauliCure system is not a toy and can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.  Always take care when the device is in use or stored where children are present.  Dismantling or using the components of the device for anything other than their intended use can be dangerous and potentially fatal.  If any part of the appliance becomes torn, crushed or broken in any way, discard safely or return for replacement. 

Choosing to use any of the components which comprise a complete and functioning compression disc, puts the user at risk for injury and makes the warranty null and void.  "The magnetic components which are part of this appliance are very strong, and can deform, cut or cause injury to the ear".  CauliCure™ has been tested and designed to be used as noted within the provided instructions.  Any use other than what is intended by CauliCure™ is at the risk of the user.